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Functional Devices Tech Tuesday - Transformers

Posted by WestExcel Marketing on 11/24/2016
Most people are aware that Functional Devices offers RIB relays, current sensors and power supplies, but fewer people know that we also carry an extensive line of transformers.

Functional Devices Tech Tuesday - RIB Current Sensors with ECMs

Posted by WestExcel Marketing on 11/15/2016
From time to time, we receive technical support calls and emails about whether our current sensors are compatible with ECM loads. With many motorized loads utilizing an ECM, this is a valid question. Not too long ago this question led our engineering team to conduct our own research and testing, and we determined that our RIB® current sensors could indeed sense an ECM load being activated. That research and testing was one of my responsibilities early on when I began my job here at Functional Devices, and those results are what I would like to share for today‚Äôs Tech Tuesday post. 

Functional Devices Tech Tuesday - I/O Expanders and Sequencers

Posted by on 11/8/2016
The RIBMN24Q Series of I/O Expanders and Sequencers can be very useful. I would like to focus on the RIBMN24Q4C-PX today. This device is the coolest of them all from this series, in my opinion. 
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