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Meet the MAC36PRO, the latest generation of Master Application Controllers powered by Niagara. Its compact size, versatile peripherals, and robust local visualization make it the go-to stand-alone controller for effective building management.

Key Controller Features: 

Quad-Core 1.6GHz Processor: Experience a remarkable boost in efficiency, ensuring your device runs smoother than ever before. 

Doubled RAM: Increased RAM memory ensures smooth operation and faster processing. 

Doubled Storage: The all new industrial grade micro SD card iSMA-B-SD-PRO offers more storage for your valuable building data. 

New 64-bit iSMA OS: Experience computing at its best with the new Linux operating system. 

Ready for Niagara: Experience the latest features of the Niagara Framework in all its power of action. 

Available in 3 hardware models, MAC36PRO, MAC36PRO-RS with second RS485 interface and MAC36PRO-M with additional M-Bus interface. 

Unchanged I/O and Connectivity: The MAC36PRO controller comes with an ideal set of 36 built-in I/Os, two separate Ethernet ports, robust HDMI, and USBs ensuring seamless compatibility with the entire MAC36 family.   

Honeywell Optimizer Advanced Controller 

Convenient, compatible, and cybersecure. We believe plant control should be easy to install and use, even if you’re new to the job. Capabilities should be easy to add, without rip-and-replace. And controls should have built-in cybersecurity to protect operational technologies (OT), closing the backdoor to IT networks.


The HON-9000 is here! Tridium's improved hardware platform optimizes the new features of Niagara 4 and includes a number of exciting advancements: HIGHLIGHTS Increased performance and capacity to leverage tagging, templating, and visualization Quad Core processor Double the amount of RAM and storage Faster start-up and station load time Responsive UI Exact same footprint and wiring locations as WEB-8000 allow for a seamless replacement for future updates.

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Gas Detection

We now offer Opera fixed gas monitoring systems for commercial and industrial buildings to measure and control toxic and combustible gases.

Secure Networks

Tosibox provides building automation with secure operational networks.

Thermal IQ from Honeywell

Automate the process of extracting thermal process data and drive better business outcomes with real-time thermal analytics.

We're excited to announce the release of the new TotalSense IAQ sensor from Senva! The TotalSense Series provides more data for more advanced ventilation control while drastically reducing installation cost and time on a project. 

 It includes a comprehensive selection of IAQ sensing with carbon dioxide (CO2), relative humidity (RH), and temperature plus options for occupancy detection (PIR),total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), particulate matter (PM) and ambient light. More than an IAQ sensor, it's the first fully configurable Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) sensor matrix.

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