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We work hard to provide our customers with the best quality products from trusted manufacturers. We continue to add new products and lines regularly.  If you don't find a product on our site that you are looking for, please contact us and we will source it for you! 

  • Create secure networks in 10 seconds!
  • No IT knowledge necessary 
  • No Subscription Fees
  • No Static IP Addresses to manage or pay for
  • No 3rd party cloud 
  • Full Security from edge to edge Unlimited scale-ability 

Honeywell is pleased to announce the release of the WEBs-N4.7.109.20 software packaged with Spyder, Stryker, Venom and BACnet FF Tstat programming tools. Note: WEBs-N4.7 is compatible with WEBs-8XXX and forward, there is no 4.7 compatibility with legacy WEBs controllers. For example: WEBs-300/600/700 controllers are not compatible with the WEBs-N4.7 release. Legacy controllers are compatible with N4.4 releases. Main Features WEBs-N4.7 brings exciting new efficiencies to BAS deployment. This release modernizes the framework and provides ways for users to save time, effort and money during system installations through: WEBs N4. benefits all Niagara devices from the JACE® to portability partner offerings by expanding on 4.6 functionality adding even more tools to streamline installation, configuration, and maintenance tasks including: • New provisioning steps for common processes such as updating Niagara distributions, updating security settings including certificates, and configuring out of the box Niagara devices. • A new template type called ‘Application Templates’ that allow for creating templates of entire applications and deploying them to running stations. • The ability to set the secondary port of the JACE® as a DHCP server. • SSMA (Software Maintenance Agreement) reminders will create awareness with end users, encouraging them to reach out to the contractor for updates 

Launch of EagleAX Plant Controller

Honeywell is pleased to announce the release of EagleAX Plant Controller, providing a Plant Controller running Niagara to the WEBs portfolio.

WEB-EAGLEAX26 is a plant controller with 26 on-board Input-Output points which can be expanded up to 400 points using the panel-bus I/O modules. This plant controller is supported by WEBs-AX 3.8.u1 software. Although, this Controller supports Niagara and can act in a capacity as a Supervisory controller, it is best positioned as a plant controller due to its license capacity.

Main Features

  • EagleAX plant controller is supported by WEBs-AX-3.8.u1, with 26 on-board I/O points.
  • Pre-licensed to 80 points, with 60 for panel-bus and 20 for network Niagara I/O points.
    • Additional points in increments of 25 points can be purchased
  • Expandable with Panel bus I/O for a total of 400 points
    • Including Hand Off Auto (HOA) I/O modules - XFR822A, XFR824A and XFR825A
  • Supports up to 3 additional devices beyond the panel-bus I/O modules
  • 3 Standard Drivers are included:
    • BACnet
    • LON
    • Modbus
  • Web based controller accessible via standard browsers, allowing user friendly operations to manage your facility
    • Alarms, Schedules, Trends (Histories), Graphics/Schematics, Email.
    • Remote access, programming, remote service

Value Proposition 

 For End Users

  • Replace aging expensive controllers to newer more economical controllers, while retaining all the I/O modules.
  • Opportunity to integrate to a one BMS system based on Niagara framework.

For Contractors

  • Competitive offering for large plant applications that need higher I/O counts
  • Retrofit jobs replacing XL500/800 controller with EagleAX and leaving panel bus I/O
  • Availability of Hand off Auto (HOA) I/O modules
  • No need to download the software or commission the Controllers
  • Edit the Control logic in live mode
  • Availability of special Application Library, which increases engineering efficiency in programming and training
  • Simple Integration into Niagara 4 Supervisor

The EagleAX plant controller is only licensed for brand WEBs and is supported by the standard WEBs-AX workbench. Please refer to Getting started with EagleAX Plant Controller document, which can be downloaded from Honeywell Buildings Forum.

NEW Light Commercial Building Solutions!

Connect with your light commercial buildings customers like never before with Honeywell’s LCBS Connect™.  It uses the Internet of Things and Big Data to make it easy for you to view, analyze and diagnose the operation of small and medium buildings from anywhere at anytime, so you can operate more efficiently by remotely diagnosing and analyzing problems. It’s a scalable, reliable and secure solution that helps you better serve your customers while spending less time in your truck.

Contact [email protected] or 866 584-2844 for Pricing

The Ideal Light to Mid-sized Commercial Building VAV Zoning System! The system that is taking over the zoning market! ProLon is an application-specific configurable control system entirely designed for retro-fit and modern day rooftops and air handling units along with their VAV zones. 

Developed by HVAC experts to bridge the gap between simple zoning panels and full-fledged DDC systems, ProLon’s lineup of controllers deliver incredibly high performance, bringing building automation technology to unprecedented levels of simplicity and accessibility. Remote access, FREE software, and email alerts are just a few highlights of this system. ProLon does not only offer zoning system solutions. 

The comprehensive product line-up includes controllers that can be used for a very wide range of complimentary applications such as: humidity control, boiler, heat-pump, cooling tower, make-up air, in floor heating and many more…

Contact [email protected] or 866 584-2844 for Pricing